3 Easy Tricks To Get Your Home Ready For Easter This Year.

3 Easy Tricks To Get Your Home Ready For Easter This Year.

Trick 1 –

Trick one is all about heights and is the most important rule there is. If your candles are the same heights – mix it up. Create levels and layers. If you have candle stands this work perfectly, if not use books or shelves to really help set candles out and give a fuller brighter look in your home. Candles placed at different heights attract in more attention and focus so if you can add a selection of levels, you’ll up your home interior.


Trick 2 –

Trick 2 is for a set of three candles or group of candles which you can place in one of two ways. If it’s a group of candles, odd numbers such as 3,5,7… work better in design as our eyes are more draw to them.

Option 1 place them in a small group together with the tallest at the back. You can use them as focus pieces on a counter or in darker rooms to draw in light.


Option 2 – What you could also do with a group of candles is place them in height order. This creates a stunning effect especially around a fireplace or a similar area where you’d want to create warmth. By separating and spreading out the candles it extends out the warming glow whilst continuing the primary rule of height. Creating a more dramatic effect on those cooler days.


Trick 3 –

If you have statement pieces – use them! Whether it’s a statement lantern, pillars, candle cubes, large vase or candle terrarium showcase your candles as a feature. If you don’t own any of these, you can find an old, framed mirror for the candles to stand on or place the mirror behind the candles. Use wood or slate slabs under your candles for a higher contrasting effect, you can even try wrapping rope or ribbon around your candle for a more subtle and simple look.


Write in and tell us your favourite tricks… 

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