Happy Valentine’s Day !!!

Happy Valentine’s Day !!!

Happy Valentine’s Day – share the embarrassing moments with us as we relive some of the not so perfect Valentine’s Day memories.

“Back at the start of secondary school I had a crush on this girl in my class. When it came to valentine’s day, I wanted to send her a rose from the school Valentine’s shop but didn’t want her to know it was from me. I paid one of my friends to write a note for Amelia, so she didn’t recognise my handwriting and watched the teacher give it to her as she sat with all her friends.

I watched as her and her friends where giggling and laughing across the room until a few minutes later when she went over and wrote out her own valentines note with a flower.

A couple of minutes later the teacher walked over to my table and gave my friend (who I paid to write the note) the rose and note asking him to go on a date with her because she had recognised his handwriting.

He got up and walked over to her table to say yes.”



“We had WW2 day at school, this year it happened to be on valentine’s day. My year all had to come into school wearing old fashion clothes and we had random classes that day such as how to cook on rations, how to patch up old clothes and what to take with you when being evacuated. Not the most romantic setting.

During our last lesson I was sat next to a boy who liked me. Just before the end of class a siren went off signalling that bombs were being dropped.

We all had to quickly rush under the tables and at this moment he decided to give me a valentine’s card… I think it’s safe to say timing wasn’t his strong suit.”



“When I lived in the South, I always use to walk to the market to get my fruit, vegetables and other fresh shopping. Before paying one day, I noticed the women redoing her sign behind the stall. I asked her why she was doing a new sign and in response she told me that her husband wasn’t a fan of the old one. When I looked at the sign, I quickly realised why.

In calligraphy it said: Local Honey Dates Nuts.”

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