Join Us for International Light Day & Learn How to Brighten Up Your Life.

Join Us for International Light Day & Learn How to Brighten Up Your Life.

How To Brighten Up Your Life for International Day Of Light:

Join us for this year’s International Day of Light where we think of the best ways to brighten up your life. 16th May 2022.


  1. Better Lighting,

Brighten up darker corner of your home and conceal the darkness with little bright touches of light. It can be as simple as putting a candle two on a dark corner table to keep the feeling of warmth alive in your home. And the best part – you can move them around to keep changing up your home so it’s always looking good. There are plenty of way to light up your home subtly whether that’s a feature piece like a salt lamp, fairy lights or one of our matchless candles, have fun with it.



  1. Be Good to Yourself x

Treating yourself right is more than just eating well and exercising, it’s also about knowing what you deserve and making sure you get it. Think of all the positive things you’ve done this week alone! Give something back to yourself. Make that purchase you’ve been wanting to, do something new you’ve wanted to try, go back to an old hobby you loved, book that trip you’ve been wanting to take. Love yourself x


  1. Brighten your Smile :)

Best way to brighten any day is always a smile. Do something you love, something you’ve always wanted to do, see a loved one, send that text to your friend. You’re gorgeous when you smile.  



  1. Get Outside More!!

The average Brit spends 8% of their day outside. Most of this is made up of people walking to the car. It’s so important for your mental wellbeing that you spend at least two hours outside a week, even sitting outside in a garden. Put on some comfortable clothes and sit outside for an hour after your tea. Light up the night with our candles scattered around your garden, a glass of wine in hand staring at the stars.


  1. Spend time with your loved ones.

Visit the family, have a girl’s night in with friends. Being with people you care about and seeing your loved ones will instantly brighten up any room your in. Cosy down on the sofa and catch up, give them a ring, it really doesn’t matter what you do it’s always a good time.



  1. Slow down and take your time.

Relax, live in the moment, and take the time to enjoy those little moments. Sit back and breathe from time to time get snug watching a movie, take the time to cook something up and enjoying living right now. Light up the room you’re in and love your life.



  1. Liven Up Your Home,

Give your home that warmth it’s been wanting. Glow up the atmosphere, whether it be by smiling more, brightening up your home or personalize your home – paint a feature wall, optimize a space. Make your home as creative as you are.


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