Join Us for National Unplugging Day!

Join Us for National Unplugging Day!

This weekend unplug with us, relax. Turn off your phones, tablets and laptops. Take a bath, walk in the garden or cosy down on the sofa with a book. Let flicker and glow set the mood and help you relax.

National Unplugging Day is a campaign to promote a 24-hour rest from technology so join us for the day or even just an hour and take you time you’ve been needing. Let flicker and glow help you light up your lives.

Did you know that the average UK adult spends 6.4 hours a day on the internet and a further 4 hours watching tv – every day? This is almost half the day on a screen. And did you know the average child in the UK spends 6.3 hours playing games, watching tv, and being on the internet? Remember when you used to run around playing with friends, you’d spend all day building Lego models or jumping on a trampoline? Take a day out with us let them be kids and let you be you.

Turning your devices off for the day is important to do for our health, studies have shown too much screen time can increase stress and can lead to serious health related issues such as depression. Turning off your smartphone will also reduce your exposure to radiation. Spending just 24 hours offline can have massive benefits not only to your personal health but the planet as you’re consuming less energy.

Have kids? Would love to get them off their screens and watch them laugh together, let us help. Unplugging day is the perfect opportunity to have a family board game marathon, take a nature walk together, build a fort, cook a family meal, garden, or even start an original art project together.


Partnered up? Take the time to keep the romance alive and reconnect. Have a romantic meal, take a morning walk, do a yoga class together, put on some music and dance with one another, shake up your at home cocktail skills, have an indoor picnic or even star gaze. If you’re feeling especially creative, you could DIY your home up or start an art project together.

Just you? Take on the challenge of escaping reality in that book you’ve been trying to read, exercise, have a move around at home, adopt a pet, take a relaxing stroll, draw, catch up with friends or look through photo albums and even create a scrapbook.


Adding our candles to your home couldn’t be easier to do. Our candles fit well on table sets, helping create those precious family bonding moments and look stylish on side tables, even lighting up photos and paintings around your home creating that warming glow all day long. Get comfortable on sofa snuggling up with pets, having board game nights around the table or even pretending to tell scary ghost stories as our candles light the way!!! The candles look stylish is small groups on countertops engulfing darker corners of your home with their amber flickers and dazzling as stand-alone features. Have fun with your product placements and let us know how you style your flicker and glow candles.

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