Top of the Market: Why LightLi Flameless Candles?

Top of the Market: Why LightLi Flameless Candles?

Award-winning LightLi brand flameless candles are the highest-end flameless candles in the flameless candle industry. If they were a car, they would be Tesla, made with exquisite detail and technology that is truly unique, with superior patented advantages.

Take the Wick-to-Flame candles, where an ultra-realistic wick transforms into the moving flame and is so touch sensitive you can literally "blow it out" as you would a real candle. It took home the Best in Show at the revered Napa Home and Garden Show. 

LightLi's patented "Moving Flame" is engineered complete dedication to realism, literally designed to create the shadowing and light emission you see in actual flames. The hand-poured paraffin wax of the candles even feels real and lends that much more to your decor. This technology is paired with the unique touch on/off technology with many of our candles to also make it convenient when you don't want to use the remote or timer. 

Finally, LightLi features extremely long and reliable run times and are remote ready and timer enabled, making them a favorite of professional interior designers, film, television and theater set designers, realtor staging and of course, home design enthusiasts because of their realism and flexible operability. 

Invest in the highest end flameless candle brand, LightLi and you'll never buy another flameless candle brand again. 

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